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Wow, that's cool I thought I was a virgo, but apparently I'm a leo now, cool. I'm a Leo now. My birthday is September 9. It's weird to think of since I've always been a Virgo. My birthday is February 24th and it says I am a Aquarius. I'm really a Pisces, though. I don't like that it is changed.

I feel like I will always be a Pisces at heart.

Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac Star Sign - Universe Guide

Friday, February 18, Zodiac signs. There can be a back and forth energy under Mercury retrograde so use it to more deeply explore previously ignored topics in your love life.

New insights are possible — and will help you make the best choices for your future in the weeks following each retrograde. Full Moon 4 degrees Cancer. Since December 25 is also an important holiday celebration for many and with the Full Moon falling in sensitive Cancer, emotions may run high.

The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday

Be kind and considerate but do take care of yourself. Want to get better at astrology? Study in Sydney with me this January! The Cancer Full Moon is about family, home and belonging. Uranus will also station direct on December 25, which can bring release, transition or the promise of progress.

Change is in the air, even as you gather together in familiar ways with loved ones. What comes to light can be helpful, but may stir forgotten feelings or desires. You might also like this post, on the general themes activated under a Full Moon. For Cancer, I often recommend cuddles, comfort and a cuppa, so if you need TLC later this week, make those your priorities.

If you are a Cancer, or have a Cancer ascendant or rising , here is a sneak peek of your horoscope headlines for , from the WellBeing Astrology Guide. Relationships are highlighted as a series of planets join Pluto in Capricorn , while domestic dreams receive the blessing of Jupiter.

Uranus in Aries represents the independent entrepreneur, so if you have a business idea in mind, or want to be your own boss, you have ongoing celestial support to do just that.

Uranus is in Aries from — For your most personal insights into , consider a 60min Year Ahead Consult. At this time of the year, the Sun enters Libra and the equal length days and nights reflect the themes of balance and harmony Libra symbolises. The Pagan Wheel of the Year turns, for those in the southern hemisphere, from winter to spring; for those in the northern hemisphere, from summer to autumn.

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As humans, our minds and thinking processes set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. This is the Libra experience, of working with others to create positive change for the good of many. Mythological Venus was a love goddess, but rather than the sweet and innocent profile she has today, Venus in myth was full of desire and prepared to do almost anything to get what she wants.

While Libra is a sign of connection and working with others, the underhand side of Libra speaks of subtle manipulation to satisfy individual desires.

Ophiuchus Element

This is where naughty Venus can play a role. Also, because of the Mercury retrograde these are the best areas of life to revise, refresh and reorganise. Aries — relationships and key one on one business partnerships Taurus — health, wellness and work routines Gemini — creativity, playfulness and children Cancer — home, family and domestic life Leo — self-expression and communication Virgo — finances, money and savings plans Libra — self-awareness, identity and appearance Scorpio — rest, retreat and escape Sagittarius — social groups and friendships Capricorn — career and public life Aquarius — travel, study, teaching and philosophy Pisces — debt, taxes and shared finances.

Your monthly stars are like a simple starter course in astrology. Your finances are on fire — in a good way! The Sun and Mars add extra heat, drive and confidence giving you the courage to ask for a raise, discuss a new package or perhaps go after a high net worth client. Mars in Leo August 8 — September 25 is a once in 2 years cycle, showing your efforts to improve your income can lead to better progress and results now.

If you want new or extra work, take a proactive approach. August 13 and 19 may be lucky or lucrative dates. You might hear of a financial windfall or be in the right place at the right time for an exciting breakthrough with money. Curious about your personal astrology chart, planets and cycles? Try a 60min Year Ahead Consult! As Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11 for a yearlong visit, you may become restless, especially with learning, studying and writing or around travel plans.

During the Jupiter in Virgo cycle you can learn new ways to express yourself, or develop a communication skill, liking teaching, writing or training.

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If you have a course you want to take or teach Jupiter in Virgo can help you take the plunge and get started. If you can, get away for a long weekend, or plan your next exotic adventure then. At the Pisces Full Moon you may be generally restless with routine.

If possible, change your regular schedule, or at least the usual venue for a regular outing. You may make firm or lasting choices around children or in a close relationship as Mercury in Virgo August 7 — 27 encourages precise decision making. A solid grasp of details and logistics will help you make a choice you feel comfortable with and can stick to on August 15 and Honesty with loved ones will be especially important on these dates. Pay special attention to the topics, themes or areas of life that start to show up — or open up — for you this August.

With Jupiter entering Virgo a whole new chapter of life begins. In this period Venus will also visit Virgo October 8 — November 8 tripling up the planetary emphasis on one topic or part of your life. August is a big month where change and transition is possible, especially if you have a strong Jupiter themed chart if you have lots of planets in Sagittarius or Pisces , or if you have the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces on the angles including ascendant, IC, descendant or MC.

One stand out planet in August is Mercury in Virgo , August 7 — Walter Mercado, astrologer to the masses, was silent about his own last wishes - Miami Herald.

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