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It's a fantastic time to network, but a haze descends on the month as Neptune—the planet of fog, fantasy, and delusion—begins to get tangled in oppositions to the planets in clean, clear, no-nonsense Virgo. The hazy situation begins on September 4 as Venus opposes Neptune, finding you deeply confused about what you want from your creative collaborators and in your love life. Watch out for "players" in all aspects of your life—not just in your romantic relationships.

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If someone is trying to sell you hard on something, be wary. You do not like to be deceived, Scorpio, and your nonsense meter is definitely going off this month!

So long as you're in the clear from scammers, this could be a whimsically magical time for romance—just don't make solid commitments at this time. The sun also connects with Saturn that day, leading you to connect and share solid information with stable, wise, and responsible people.

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Finally, Venus meets with Pluto in Capricorn, making September 6 a powerful day to forge deep connections and bonds. Secrets are shared, but watch out for confusion and misunderstandings as Mercury opposes Neptune on September 7. It's a slippery September, little scorpion, and a lazy and forgetful attitude is the air! Egos abound and an interesting twist in your financial situation arrives as the sun clashes with Jupiter on September 8.

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Mercury also connects with Pluto on this day, which is great for diving deep into researching or getting information you need. Mercury is the messenger planet, and Pluto is one great detective, so despite the hazy Neptune fog that's keeping things from being totally clear, at least you will be able to get some intel! On September 9, Mars connects with Saturn, bringing structure and support, but nostalgia and a sense of disappointment descends as the sun opposes Neptune the next day.

You might feel a bit invisible, or perhaps bored—either way, the mood is dampened, but you won't be lacking in energy or spirit for long.

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  8. Mars clashes with Jupiter on September 12, propelling you into action. September 13 brings an opportunity for social connection as Mercury meets Venus, and the conversations are deep as the sun connects with Pluto, helping you uncover the truth during this murky time. The Aries full moon arrives on the thirteenth, making you focused on winning.

    You might not even care. The sun partners with your magnetic sign on October 23, giving you a charming aura that people notice. Looking for answers?

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