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For this reason, many Taureans display strong creative skills, and enjoy working at a leisurely pace to make something from available resources at hand. As a Fixed Earth sign, creativity can easily translate into garden, woodwork, floristry or working with stone. Anything tactile, natural and beautiful is a natural Taurean tool. They may excel in embodying beauty and finding practical ways to embellish form. The need to generate material security can just as easily be expressed by pursuing that which brings joy and comfort through the endless bounty of this world.

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An appreciation of beauty and comfort can be expressed in many ways, and a powerful way for Taureans to connect with a sense of self is taking time to create something beautiful that can also be used in its turn. As mentioned, this is also a sign of great sensuality, and Taureans will often have a healthy interest in good food, good wine and good sheets. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love. Accordingly, the gifts of Venus can be pronounced in this sign. Many Taureans have powerful sensual and sexual requirements that should ideally be met. Taking time for these sensual requirements is an important dimension of self-worth.

The need for physical comfort and contact should not be underestimated or denied. If you were born with the Sun in Taurus then you are likely to be gifted with a grounded practicality and ability to face life realistically that is both an asset and a source of comfort. In many ways, Taureans exemplify The Children of the Earth — those who pay homage to their natural birth right by honouring the bounty and gifts that Mother Nature brings.

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Perseverance, constancy and awareness of the beauty in life are the benefits you bestow. By allowing yourself the pleasure and comfort of experiencing your senses to their fullest, you can share your sense of wonder and delight with all who come your way. Your challenge is to give yourself permission to be stable and sensual, at the same time as remaining open to life-renewing change. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within!

What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help? Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful. The Sun in Taurus. Learn by Letting Go For other Taureans, life is a mystery to be explored by letting go.

Naturally Creative Another important dimension of this sign is its affinity with creativity, beauty and form. The Taurus Solar Journey If you were born with the Sun in Taurus then you are likely to be gifted with a grounded practicality and ability to face life realistically that is both an asset and a source of comfort.

Your Monthly Forecast. First Name. Last Name. Your Sun Sign Is? What Are You Interested In? In his left hand, he holds the Papal Cross, a triple scepter that signifies his religious status. He raises his right hand in a religious blessing, with two fingers pointing towards Heaven and two towards Earth. This imagery speaks to a shared group identity and a rite of passage to enter the next level.

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It symbolizes a need to conform and social approval on the one hand, and mercy, forgiveness, compassion, conformity, and inspiration on the other. When the Hierophant card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes unconventionality and unorthodoxy in addition to vulnerability and frailty. Although some might not understand your desire to mix things up, it might be necessary.

According to Indian mythology, the word emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as Marakata or the green of growing things. Emeralds are lucky for love, so if you give your lover an emerald, it may keep them faithful to you. Wearing an emerald can give a huge edge in relation to communication skills. There is a remarkably better, clearer and lucid style of communication and the individual is able to express oneself with aplomb and confidence. Even in medical astrology, there are elaborated several benefits of wearing an emerald gem. It is a gemstone that can help with speech difficulties, respiratory troubles, allergies, and nervous disorders.

Emerald is a stone that is capable of taking away emotional toxicity. Individuals, who have a hard time coming to terms with difficult situations where they have been betrayed, cheated or defrauded, should try working with an emerald gemstone to heal the scars. It helps in shedding of illusory ideas. Emerald is a gemstone believed to have antidote powers against poison. The royalty of yore is known to have sipped their aperitifs from emerald goblets. Natural Emerald is a great gemstone for individuals who stammer, or feel shy to interact with others or feel held back due to lack of confidence.

Individuals like psychics, healers, astrologers or practitioners of any divine arts can find tremendous progress in their line of work by wearing an emerald. Wearing an emerald, also known as panna brings in intellectual progress. Natural intelligence and intellect is the domain of Planet Mercury and enhancing the power of this planet bring an in better understanding of life, a balanced perspective and better ability to grasp deeper subjects too.

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Taurus representatives usually love money and will work hard in order to earn it. They are reliable, hardworking, patient and thorough, as an employee or someone in a position of power. When focused on a specific project, they will firmly stick to it, no matter what happens in the world around them. Stability is the key to understand their working routine.

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The search for material pleasures and rewards is an actual need to build their own sense of value and achieve a satisfying luxurious, yet practical way of life. Their job is observed as a means to make it possible. Taurus is a Sun sign well organized with their finances, and all of their bills will be paid without delay. They care for their pension, taking responsibility and saving some money for a rainy day, able to make do with a really small and a really big salary just the same. Occupations that fit them are agriculture, banking, art, and anything that involves culinary skills.

These were the major details about serious Zodiac Taurus. Faith in a system or conviction for a particular belief could return, and your desire to explore the world increases. Keep in mind, however, that Mercury will turn retrograde in your partnership sector on the last day of October, and its three-week backward turn can slow some things down. While it's true that you're enjoying stronger pushes towards independence this year, you're inclined to seek out others for opinions, feedback, and decisions this month, and it's a useful process at this time.

You might also attract helpful, conversational, and interesting people into your life.

April 21 to May 21

This is not about having others make decisions for you, but rather for benefiting from collaboration and learning about your ideas through stimulating conversations and feedback. You're in particularly good shape for public relations, connecting with a counselor or lawyer, and meeting with clients. October is an excellent time to take on challenging projects that you may have been putting off for lack of energy or time.

Positively, you have more initiative and enthusiasm for work projects, and you can apply yourself with more vigor.

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You might also step up or begin a health and fitness program. You are highly intuitive, and your powers of attraction are high this month. You may be arriving at a place of understanding about recent events, and especially surrounding your relationships. Even with some ups and downs, you are companionable, and others tend to be on your side in October. There is divine energy with you for brainstorming or connecting with someone through the mind. There can be illuminating conversations with or about a partner.

You're open to facing matters and dealing with them. If you skim the surface of problems, you'll pass by on the opportunities for discovery and growth. You're discovering or redefining some of your ideas through another person or a partner. Even so, you seem to know when it's best to let things go and simply enjoy one another. Good news or word on health may arrive, and focusing on activities that help advance your practical goals, such as a resume or a project, can be particularly useful and fruitful. Intimate relationships can open up, and you might come to a pleasing agreement with someone you work or spend your days with.

Taking a new and open approach to life is the key now. More: Monthly Horoscopes — Details. Uranus moves into your sign more consistently from March forward last year you had a sneak peek of this energy , and Jupiter spends much of the year boosting your intimate world. The potential for growth and improvement is tremendous. Jupiter in your solar eighth house until December is powerful for your intimate life.

Love is rich and deep in There may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations or past conditioning patterns. You are more inspired now, and your personality bubbles with bursts of enthusiasm. There can be a significant break from the past that propels your life forward. Uranus transits can be times when there is a significant new influence, person, or path in your life that rather dramatically deviates from your version of normal.