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This is a very happy lady who happens to be extremely loaded. This mole is a very reliable indicator of prosperity and wealth. This is a very good mole which suggests a person with a nice disposition who treats everyone with respect and who in turn is well respected. A mole here indicates you are not a very ambitious person. You will find that your love life does not run smoothly for you if you find a mole on the top of your foot.

But if it is red in colour, it means you will be successful in your love life with the big problem being that you are too flirtatious to get stuck in a monogamous relationship. A mole at the nape of your neck is a good mole which indicates you will have everything you need to equip yourself with all the basic necessities of life. There is a likelihood that you will be rich and your life is not lacking for money.

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Men who have a mole at the centre of their back will constantly be plagued by backache. Their life is one problem after another. In the old days, a mole like this would be cauterized and removed. For a woman, carrying a mole on her back shoulder signifies one who has to bear the burden of many heavy responsibilities, including having to swallow many indignities in life. Again, this is a mole that is best removed. Moles found here will invite backstabbing and lots of politicking.

A Guide to Birthmark Superstitions

You will have a hard time escaping the slings and arrows aimed at you unless you remove this mole. It is no fun being betrayed, so it is much better to remove this mole. A mole here suggests a lack of prosperity luck. It is likely you find it difficult to hold on to your job, either because you do not like it, or the job does not like you. A mole at the small of the back indicates a lack of ambition, indecisiveness and a general tendency to prevaricate.

Causes of Psychic Birthmarks

You will find that you lack the motivation to carry on and will constantly need pushing to get on with your life. But this mole also suggests you have spouse luck, so that is a good indication. As this is a mole that suggests the potential for success and wealth. There is plenty of good fortune in doing your own business. If you have such a mole, you should be an entrepreneur rather than working for someone. A mole on your buttocks is an excellent indicator of intelligence, wisdom and creativity.

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You will rise to prominence and be highly respected. Moles on the back of the thighs indicate one who will enjoy plenty of good fortune. You will also be charismatic and popular.

Beauty mark

Located slightly lower at the back of the thighs, this mole tells of one who is very knowledgeable and intelligent. This is a person who can be depended upon. Sadly, they say, if your mole is located on the back of your knee, you will have to endure a life that is lacking in the good things. You may want to consider removing this mole. You will enjoy good relationships with most people.

A man who possesses a mole on the back of his ankle will be one who tends to stay away from home and could even move far away. This is a mole that suggests someone always on the move.

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A mole on the back of a lady indicates one who is perceived as not having class or finesse. This mole should ideally not be revealed. It is better to cover it. This mole spells love and marriage dilemmas and if it is dark in colour, the portents are even more negative.

A mole on the outside wrist indicates the possibility of a broken marriage or at least a very unstable love life during the forties, but if it is properly covered with long sleeves the instability could calm down. If you find a mole on the back of your hand, keep it, for it means you will be earning lots of money!

You will make a very efficient accountant as this mole tells of one who is very good with numbers and at managing money. This mole indicates you have plenty of friends who will always be there for you. This is a very good mole indeed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help.

Moles On The Front Of The Body Moles on the front of your body generally bring good fortune Click to enlarge Mole 1 Life will be quite a challenge for you and there will be times when things will not be easy. Mole 2 You are a person who is easily stressed. Mole 3 You are popular and efficient and your life is one busy challenge after another. Mole 4 A mole close to the middle of the front chest here indicates you must be careful about your eating habits, especially if the mole is black and prominent. Mole 5 A mole on the upper breast suggests a happy life with few worries. Mole 6 This is the sign of a very ambitious person with big dreams.

Kylie Minogue Mole 7 A mole here suggests someone who is generous and kind at heart. Mole 8 A mole on the stomach signifies one who has everything going for them; your life will be smooth and safe.

There are various theories about the significance of birthmarks

Mole 9 A mole here on your tummy signifies you will enjoy great wealth luck. Mole 10 The man who finds a mole here will be blessed with many children. Mole 11 A mole here suggests you are blessed with obedient children who will bring you much happiness. Lucky Colours for the Year of the Rat August 1, Flying Star Updates for October September 20, Hidden Meanings of Body Moles September 6, Feng Shui Astrology for October September 23, Aunt Agga Issue December 15, All Rights Reserved.

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